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1Why is the virus called the boot? Because he's at startup immediately loaded into memory and intercepts all system control. I'm sure many have faced such a problem that after visiting some, even innocuous sites, computer during the next boot has issued a warning that it is locked, ostensibly for visiting porno sites, or spam, or other negative actions.

Of course, this is nothing when unlocked will not , as such viruses laid even this possibility. Anti often powerless against them, as they are run immediately when the system boots, blocking all anti-virus and security software. So how do you deal with them?

Often two of his species. The first type - when blocking message appears only in the corner of the screen, take partial control of your computer.

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1Who are you? Are among the impatient experimenters to install Vista on the first day of sales? Or prefer not to rush things and make the most of your XP? At any case, we use the most effective methods for speeding up XP to the new Windows Vista and is now ready to tell you how to optimize both operating systems, so they quickly launch, worked on and off.

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command iconIn this article we will talk about how to find the key of Windows 8, with which the system is activated. Recall that in Windows 8, as in previous OS of Microsoft - the product key is a sequence of 25 characters, divided into 5 groups of 5 characters each (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). This key is used to activate all versions of Windows 8.

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