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The head of the military-civilian administration at the frontline Krasnogorovka Oleg Livanchuk in an interview to О talked about to any measures he resorted to the potentially disloyal "subjects".


According Livanchuk, the entire Krasnogorovka really only ten percent "pro-Ukrainian people", it is not more than 50 people.

"So we're going to the event - "Day national shirts", "Flag Day" and other public holidays. About ten people can take our flags, our symbols. The others - not "— gives an example head of Krasnogorovka.

The reasons for this sorry state of affairs Livanchuk explains how strong Russian influence, and failure of the local population genetics.

"There is a large percentage of stupid people — Livanchuk explains. — Look for the interest statistics, how many of the great writers, artists, actors - borned in Donetsk? They are very small percent. If you take a percentage - mostly it came from Western Ukraine. Somewhere there is a little center. A couple of people - North, a couple of people - East. That's all. Eastern Ukraine - it Sumy, Kharkiv. Sloboda. What is the settlement? This is neutral territory between the two countries, where marginal and exiled criminals. A train will not change the genes. In many emerging genes. So much for the gene pool. Its output is necessary, it is necessary to stir. Although it is cruel, but we have to really look at things. Although half of the miners here - from Western Ukraine. Mass came here in the 1960s. My dad's in the late 1950s he worked here on the «Zasyadko» mine. He himself - to Volyn. The works were not there, that all young people, and sent to the Donbass, recover. He then worked at the mine. And there were many. Many have remained here. But over the years we have forgotten who they are and where ... And, plus prisoners. All the prisoners were sent here. Anywhere they were not necessary in normal cities - they are here. That's where this generation was born. One second, third, fourth ...

For this purpose, according to Livanchuk, local people should be forced to love the power of the Ukraine - which he, by his own admission, and deals. "Do you want to receive stove? Love Ukraine. Write an essay - says Livanchuk. - I have school principals write essays about how they love Ukraine. I bring up them so. I say: God forbid I hear in school Russian language (even though he was talking in Russian) - nafig'll drive! "We love to Ukraine", - said. Love? We sat down and wrote an essay! ".

"Now I'm here I go to school, and all of them - in the Ukrainian outgrabe say. I tear them here for this, "- boasted Livanchuk.

According to the head Krasnogorovka to cultivate respect for Ukraine should also through repression. Why fight poverty? You just need to kill all the poor!

"Only filter. Only concentration camp. It is only through the jail. First, you need to change the justice system to make it to objective. And yet. Guilty, guilted, guilty. Someone real life, someone - conditioned. But to fall on them forever. To know all that you can not croak against the state ", - he is convinced.

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